Twelve years of focus: pogopin high current crown spring pin

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Are spring-type hardware thimble accessories highly likely to be used in the electrical and electron

Spring-type hardware accessories have a high probability of being used in the electronic and electrical industry. In the relative industry trends, the main industry equipment includes precision guide post and guide sleeve for metal stamping dies, punching needle, A punch, headless keyway type A punch, Guide pin, square punch, basic die insert, taper die, square die and tungsten steel sleeve. Precision SKH51 inserts for plastic and terminal molds, finished tips, diamond tips, square tips, cores, thimbles, cylinders, flat thimbles.

Thimble hardware accessories series, the thinnest working flat part can be processed to 0.3mm, and the precision can reach 0.005mm. The working flat part is ground after heat treatment to ensure the internal organization of the product is not disorderly, so that it is not easy to use during use. Deformation, excellent toughness effect.

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