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New designs appear frequently in the connectivity market

In China, the market demand for connectors has maintained a high-speed growth situation. The continuous development of application fields such as the automotive industry and the computer communication industry has gradually expanded the market capacity of connectors, with an average annual growth rate of more than double digits. The market has potential for development. larger. The emergence of new materials and new technologies has also greatly promoted the improvement of the application level of the industry. At present, the development trend of the connector market is mainly manifested in small size and chip type. Recently, the connector market has been very busy, and many large companies have started to introduce their new designs.

About Molex as it is well known, Molex introduces the Sealed Rectangular Connector (SRC) system designed for high-circuit-count applications in harsh environments, such as agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment application. The next-generation SRC system uses the MX150 and MX150L terminals to provide a robust, sealed hybrid wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire connection system.

    Denis O'Sullivan, global product manager at Molex, said: "Commercial vehicles are becoming smarter and require more wiring and hybrid technology. The primary use case for our connectivity system is the firewall between the cab and the engine. connectors, and can also replace existing circular connectors in a variety of automotive applications.”

The new SRC system features a full bi-directional matte seal and improved retention characteristics, and is IP69k tested for harsh environment applications. In addition, using the field-proven MX150 (control) and MX150L (power) terminal technology can help non-automotive OEMs achieve significant production cost savings by eliminating the need to source, handle and crimp individual wire seals. The modular design of the SRC consists of seven sections (A to G), each of which can be used for power or control. Contains 12 circuits per control section and three circuits per power section, providing flexibility to increase the number of circuits to a maximum of 84 (control section only) and allowing headers and connectors for simple field Repair and replacement.

Molex SRC systems use MX150 terminals rated up to 18A, while MX150L terminals are rated up to 40A. Retention force greater than 400N in high vibration environments helps ensure good mating. The SRC system enables one-handed blind mate functionality by employing a cam-actuated slide latch. In addition, plastic struts aligned within terminal position assurance (TPA) provide anti-scooping features that prevent damage to the terminals during mating of the splice and connector.

In addition, Molex is presenting the Self-Contained Power Connector (SCPC) system to its marine industry at the 2012 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition. SCPC is a simple two-piece connector system for splicing and terminating robust stranded non-metallic jacketed cables, providing quick and easy marine cable connections. The connectors support two- and three-conductor and ground returns for AC power applications, and feature insulation-piercing contacts that require no pre-stripping for wire termination. SCPC connectors meet the same UL/CSA approvals as junction box specifications and are suitable for harsh marine environments.

Piero Fagiolo, Product Manager at Molex, said: “Maintaining the performance of electrical and electronic equipment when working in the extreme conditions of the marine industry, safe and dry connections are important. SCPC has a unique design that allows users to quickly and reliably Splices two cable components together, even in the most challenging environments. The system also simplifies the overall operation by eliminating the additional equipment required for traditional splice applications, such as wire nuts and junction boxes ."

The SCPC connector system incorporates a double locking mechanism for safety and automatic strain relief features to help troubleshoot connection errors. The fully transparent high-impact stress relief cover is durable enough for full visual inspection and has a large markable surface area on the housing for easy circuit identification. The double insulation-piercing contacts of the SCPC system provide maximum electrical conductivity, reducing voltage drop to an absolute minimum.

In terms of sleeker, smaller and thinner product designs, TE's new 0.4mm fine pitch, 0.98mm height board-to-board connector gives a good interpretation, which can optimize the increasingly miniaturized electronics product connection, thereby reducing production costs and improving assembly efficiency.

"The demand for board-to-board connectors that minimize self-alignment distances while maximizing structural support, while also requiring guaranteed Optimal cost structure and quick time-to-market. This new board-to-board connector from TE addresses these market needs and provides manufacturers with greater flexibility."

A major feature of TE's new fine-pitch board-to-board connectors is that they provide sufficient pick-and-place space without changing the suction nozzle, thereby reducing the labor cost of the production line. The new connector also makes mating simpler and more accurate, with a minimum self-alignment distance of 0.3mm, a dual-contact design, and a tin-proof feature that further simplifies the assembly process.

At present, the product series with a pitch of 0.4 mm is widely favored by users. TE's new 0.4mm product design allows for easier engagement and clicks when fully engaged, making it easy for users to confirm proper connection. In addition to ample pick-and-place space, the nickel isolation layer on the signal terminals prevents tin penetration on both the male and female sockets, and the terminals on the crimped surface are specially shaped to ensure reliable current transfer.

For the connector market, the upstream industry of connectors is developing rapidly. The 3C industry including computers, communication products and consumer electronics and the data transmission business have great potential for development in China, while the downstream industry of connectors - mobile phone Rapid development also makes the demand for connectors stronger. Under such strong demand, it is impossible to say that the connector market is not busy.

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