Twelve years of focus: pogopin high current crown spring pin

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Shenzhen Yongtan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel: 159-2067-7287

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Address: No. 5, Wusha Zhenrong Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Hong Kong Branch Address: Room 11B, Yitong Building, No. 228, Service Road Central, Hong Kong

Company Culture

company culture

Customer first, teamwork, self-improvement, dedication and hard work!

core value

Customer-centric, professional focus, continuous improvement!


Make the most cost-effective products in the industry at the fastest speed

Quality Policy

Pursue excellent quality and continuously innovate technology;

Provide high-quality services and strengthen continuous improvement;

Create extraordinary value and achieve sustainable operation;

Business philosophy

Integrity and honesty, keep promises

Efficient and high-quality continuous innovation

Conscientiously Pursue Excellence

Upright atmosphere, business reciprocity

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