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How to choose a reliable pogo pin custom manufacturer

Pogo Pin is a spring-type probe formed by riveting the three basic components of a needle (Plunger), a needle tube (Tube) and a spring (Spring) by a precision instrument, also known as a pogo pin, a pogo pin, a spring probe, Spring Loaded, PogoPin connector. Application areas: The products are widely used in mobile phone communication products, electronic digital products, electronic medical equipment, games. Game products, digital cameras, etc., are mainly used for electrical conduction or signal transmission. At present, many products use pogopin instead of metal shrapnel, which has more reliable performance, more convenient production and faster delivery. The current is large, and the current plays an important role in the measurement process, and the strong current can maximize the measurement effect of the probe.

 So how to choose a good pogo pin manufacturer to do it. The first is the company's scale design capabilities, pogo pins are precision parts. The specifications of the pogo pins required by each customer are different, so most of them are non-standard customized products. If there is no professional design ability, it is easy to cause product problems, such as elasticity, gold plating, blocking and other undesirable factors, and it is necessary to constantly change the drawings and update to seize the problem. Secondly, it is necessary to have professional precision measuring instruments to detect, such as a thick film meter to test the gold-plated pogo pins of a few wheats. Because the gold plated with several wheat directly affects the price of the product, the gold plating must be strictly required to meet the customer's requirements. Otherwise, it will directly affect the conductivity of the product. There are also many series of testing equipment to clearly detect whether there are defects in the appearance of products. Only when these equipments are complete can the quality of the products be guaranteed. Inspectors also need professional training to better control quality production.

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