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Yong probe side mount 4Pin charging pogo pin connector

Needle (Plunger): Brass gold-plated (C3604), the thickness of the electroplating layer varies according to different applications, generally nickel-plated 1.25-2.5um (converted to 50~100u"), gold-plated 0.125um-0.5um (converted to 5u"-20u )

Needle tube (Barrel): Brass gold-plated (C3604), the thickness of the plating layer varies according to different applications, - in general, nickel-plated 125-2.5um (converted to 50~100u”), gold-plated 0.125um~0.25um (converted to 5u" ~10u" )

Spring: Stainless steel (SUS304) or piano wire

Rubber core ( Housing ) : PA46 , PA9T , HTN , LCP (halogen-free material, fire rating UL94V-0 )

Cap (CAP): LCP

Precautions for the use of POGO PIN connectors

In the design, the amount of compression is generally 2/3 of the total stroke; too little. Positive force is not enough. Will lead to positive resistance instability: press too much. will damage the nozzle. Resulting in Card Pin.

First of all, during the assembly process, you should also pay attention to keep the nozzle away from the force, so as not to hurt the nozzle. Resulting in Card Pin.

The battery contacts or FPC gold fingers paired with the Pogo Pin must not have contamination, oxidation, etc.

beveled structure

In order to ensure that the needle shaft is in 100% contact with the needle tube during operation, we cut the end of the needle shaft in contact with the spring into a bevel, this design concept can ensure a stable bottom impedance.

Product advantages: The resistance value of the resistance is small and stable, which can ensure that the needle shaft and the tube wall are in close contact to reduce the probability of instantaneous power failure.

Inclined surface plus ball structure

In order to make the contact more stable, steel balls or insulating beads are added to the needle tube, thereby reducing the current passing through the spring, and the steel balls in the pogo pin have more stable contact, so the electrical performance will be better.

Product advantages: large passing current, small contact resistance and stable performance.

Double contact structure

This design is a good choice for connectors that require high concentricity, because the spring of this design can be directly sleeved on the tail needle of the needle shaft, so that the needle shaft is subjected to vertical force, so the deflection of the shaft is relatively small. The bottom of the needle shaft is tapered, and the end of the cone is placed in the air of the spring to reduce the shaking of the needle shaft.

Anti-drilling structure

This design is a good choice for small-sized connectors, which can meet the customer's spring force requirements, because the spring length of this design can exceed the length of the needle tube. In some cases where space is limited, we Hollow out the inside of the needle shaft to get more assembly space for the spring, so you can get a stable spring force and a relatively more compression stroke for customers to choose.

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