Twelve years of focus: pogopin high current crown spring pin

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What are the test standards for the pogo pin series of pogo pins in the industry?

The product advantages of the antenna spring series are very comprehensive in the detection standards and functions in the entire market. The functional probe PH- the needle rod is made of phosphor bronze thickened with gold plated on nickel, with good finish and stable quality.

The rotating probe is for high-demand testing and can be displayed according to the basic regulations. It can effectively penetrate the oxide layer or hard scale to reach the required contact point or surface. The needle rod is made of carbon tool steel with high hardness. The needle is sharp and the surface High-quality gold-plated, the gold-plated layer is not easy to fall off, guarantees good electrical conductivity, large elasticity, 2/3 stroke rotates 90 degrees, and the elasticity is more than 150 grams.

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