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How to connect wires to effectively prevent wire fires?

1. When connecting two insulated wires, first strip off the insulation of the wire head, wipe the wire core, then twist the wire head, add welding, and finally wrap 2 to 3 layers with insulating cloth, which can prevent the increase of resistance. large, and ensure that the insulation strength of the joint is good.

2. The matching of the selected electrical appliances cannot exceed the matching of the wires, otherwise it will cause the wires to age prematurely and easily catch fire. When connecting a single-strand wire or a multi-strand wire with a small cross-section (such as less than 2.5 square millimeters) to the terminal of an electrical equipment, it is not necessary to use a special connector, but the wire that has been cut off insulation is bent into a small ring sleeve and placed in the equipment. On the terminal block, add a copper washer and tighten it with a nut.

  3. When the wires are connected to switches, fuses and other equipment, special connectors must be welded to the ends of the wires.

4. In order to prevent the wires from contacting with combustibles and reduce the way of fire, the laid wires should wear non-combustible pipes. In addition, in the process of extinguishing the fire, you should pay attention to the power outage first and then extinguish the fire, and it is strictly forbidden to put out the fire with water. The direction of the ring sleeve should be consistent with the tightening direction of the screw or nut, so as not to loosen the thread head when tightening the screw or nut

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